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Cable Solutions, Inc.

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About Cable Solutions Inc.

Cable Solutions was established in 1987 and  incorporated one year later, although its roots go back a few years  prior. Mark Sarubbi and Robert Loverro were employed by a third party  computer maintenance company that specialized in WANG office automation  equipment; Mark as Service Manager and Robert as Operations Manager.   End-users demanded service for down terminals and peripherals and the  majority of those service calls ended up being billable because of cable  problems due to faulty connections that were never tested and cables  that were improperly labeled, if labeled at all. 

As those billable service calls began to add up, customers began  requesting service on their computer cable installations.  What began as  cable maintenance and cleanup of WANG dual coax and IBM 3270 coaxial  cable evolved into the installation of all data, voice, video and  security cabling twenty-three years later.  Our installers are CWA local  1101 members and many have been with our company since the beginning as  compared to “hiring hall” contractors. Consistency of personnel is  important for many reasons including worker productivity and familiarity  with the customer site. 

To understand what a customer needs, rather than wants, not only  requires an in-depth understanding of the physical environment but also  of the future challenges that customers face as they expand, migrate and  upgrade.  This knowledge and understanding enables our company to help  customers avoid the dreaded slow and steady progression toward the  unmanageability of tangled patch cords and unlabeled user ports.  Change  is constant in the IT environment but fortunately, does not always have  to lead toward complete chaos.  Proper design and installation with  reasonable planning is what enables our customers to easily manage  future uncertainty when it actually arrives, and they shine in the  process. 

One of these challenges is how to keep the adds, moves and changes  looking like the initial installation, all shiny and new.  Our “cable  solution” is to maintain a computerized database listing all part  numbers used on every job ever performed at every customer location so  that the same components are installed over and over again in a  consistent manner.  We use the same system to generate time and material  invoices so that the customer can see in detail what and how much was  installed and how long it took to install.